The NYC - Long Island Forum of ASCM is proud to be able to offer instructor lead courses, taught by professionals who have not only talked the talk, but walked the walk. Our professionals come from a variety of industries, most with over 25 years of experience in that field, and often additionally serve as adjunct professors at our best colleges and universities.

Some of our instructors are currently retired or in consulting positions making them available to conduct in-house courses during business hours at your company. Subject areas range from supply chain management and the lean enterprise to focused tasks such as how to manage inventory accuracy. The certification program in production and inventory management is being constantly updated and covers the entire gamut of operations management from aligning your company's operations to meet the company's strategic plan to the nuts and bolts of what MRP and CRP are really doing.

This educational service is not offered by all chapters, but as a member of the NYC-LI Forum you have access to this type of education either as an individual or through your company's hosting in-house courses. Please surf through the tabs under the education heading and see what we can do for you.

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