About Us

Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), using the APICS body of knowledge, is the leading professional association for supply chain and operations management and the premier provider of research, education and certification programs that elevate supply chain excellence, innovation and resilience. APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) and APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional  (CSCP) designations set the industry standards. With over 37,000 members and more than 250 international partners, APICS is transforming the way people do business, drive growth and reach global customers. To learn more about ASCM and how APICS Is still the leading educational training content used, visit ascm.org. 

What We Do and Why

The ASCM New York City - Long Island Forum (formerly known as APICS NYC-LI Chapter)  is comprised of a devoted and dynamic group of professional men and women dedicated to a common goal "that education is the most valuable tool you can have." To achieve this end, the chapter sponsors an outstanding schedule of courses and seminars several times during the year.

In addition, monthly meetings, which afford an interchange of knowledge and current technology with professional peers, plant tours, and workshops all add up to helping you advance your career to the utmost.ASCM New York City - Long Island Forum makes available the latest concepts and management techniques being applied in the profession today.

Self-development and continued growth as a professional has never been more important then it is today. As new techniques are developed, their implementation within your company could be of vital importance to the success of your company and your career. Keeping up with these changes is not only necessary, it is vital. We can supply the APICS "Body of Knowledge" necessary for effective communication and implementation of resource management systems within your organization.

Life Long Learning

In the competitive environment of the global marketplace, education and innovation are necessary to advance a company's position and enhance its ability to succeed. Recognizing this, companies must be willing to invest time, effort and funds to keep their employees abreast of new developments and trends that will help them adapt to ever-changing conditions and strive to meet the uncertain challenges ahead. Professionals must also be willing to devote personal time to learn the latest systems and techniques to expand their knowledge and skills in their chosen field.

There are many ways to enhance your professional development, and still proudly known by the following: 

  • APICS CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management)
  • APICS CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional)
  • Principles of Operations Management courses
  • Customer-Focused Supply Chain Management course
  • Other education courses
  • Seminars & workshops offering in-depth information on the latest trends and processes along with the basics
  • Professional development meetings (PDM) featuring top-name speakers and an opportunity for you to network with other resource management professionals
  • Plant tours and other special events to increase your personal growth and industry awareness


Our Mission

The Goal of the ASCM (Association for Supply Chain Management) New York City - Long Island Forum is to provide "value added" education curriculums and services to its customers in the New York-Metro business region and to provide forums for continuous collaboration among system providers, educators, and practitioners. APICS is now considered the Educational unit of ASCM. 

Our History

For more than 60 years, we have supplied New York City, including the five boroughs, and Long Island Supply Chain, Operations and Logistics Professionals and students a venue for education, networking and continued support both in person and through online webinars. The Board of Director are professionals who are either in the industry, or are educators to the industry. In supporting the mission through continuing education, ASCM, formerly APICS NYC- LI, will continue to provide ongoing support through a variety of technological platforms.