L’Oreal USA Featured at APICS NYC-LI Chapter’s PDM.

The APICS NYC-LI Chapter’s Professional Development Meeting season was launched on Tuesday September 20, 2011, by hosting L’Oreal USA.  The executives from L’Oreal braved the rush hour commute from New Jersey to Central Long Island to offer their insights to a packed house of attendees consisting of APICS members, students and associated                                                                 professionals. 

The event was held at Amicale’s in Huntington Station on Long Island and opened with the APICS NYC-LI Chapter President, Dr. Jill O’Sullivan, greeting the attendees as they sat down for dinner.

Dennis Goldensohn, Chapter Vice President of Programs and Marketing introduced the evening’s guest speakers; Vince Serpico- Senior Vice President (SVP) of Operations, Morris Lenczicki – Vice President (VP) of Manufacturing Systems Applications, and Jafar Yahaya – Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Industrial Systems Applications.  Also present from L’Oreal was Gabrielle Gillespie- Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Human Resources and Matt Wark, a recent graduate of Farmingdale State College who is now employed at L’Oreal in part because of skills acquired in the ERP class. 

Vince Serpico, SVP of Operations kicked off the presentation with an exciting video of L’Oreal’s market and operations.  Mr. Serpico provided a thorough overview of their expansive product lines and the business environment in which L’Oreal is operating in. He explained the overall factors by which L’Oreal measures success, the characteristics they look for in their prospective employees, and the importance of their company culture and high moral standards.

Morris Lenczicki, VP of Manufacturing Systems Applications, and Jafar Yahaya, AVP of Industrial Systems Applications detailed the method by which L’Oreal is meeting and exceeding the challenges of managing a truly global supply chain with plants spanning the Northern Hemisphere.  They discussed such areas as the physical span of their operations, the software and hardware used to support the various functions and the data architecture employed to manage the global enterprise of L’Oreal, including five development centers, and over 66,600 employees around the world. 

After these presentations; Vince, Morris and Jafar stood before the audience as questions were posed to each about the information provided and their area of responsibilities with L’Oreal.  They frankly discussed the items that keep them up at night including what is done globally verses what gets done locally.  They clearly conveyed how they have been able to be so successful including what they need to do to get where they want to be in the future.


The evening flew by and the entire audience remained fully engaged throughout the evening’s festivities.  Attendees of this APICS NYC/LI PDM clearly appreciated the insights gained by having a direct dialogue with these three executives.  The student chapter members from Stony Brook University and Farmingdale State College were in attendance.  The Suffolk County Community College, Manufacturing Program was represented by Amy Mueller Seal, their Project Director.

After completion of the panel discussions, the Farmingdale Student Chapter was called upon, led by their President Michelle LaBella and Vice President Kanav Khosla, to present a special gift for Morris Lenczicki.  The gift was a football with the APICS and Farmingdale State College logo on it as a reminder of the student’s gratitude for all the opportunities L’Oreal has provided. 

At the conclusion of the evening, L’Oreal’s Gabrielle Gillespie gifted everyone with a bag full of L’Oreal products assisted by Matt Wark.  All in all, this was a very memorable evening and a fantastic way to launch our Professional Development Meetings for the 2011-2012 seasons.




Photos by Dennis Goldensohn