Certification Maintenance

The Certification Maintenance program upholds both the objectives of the CPIM and CFPIM programs and APICS' vision to promote lifelong learning. The program recognizes that individuals are at various levels in their careers, come from a variety of industries, have differing educational needs and career goals, and have varying degrees of access to continuing education. Requirements for maintaining certification can be met through a variety of professional development activities.

Maintaining your APICS certification through professional development points

The APICS Certification Maintenance Program uses professional development points as a simple way for you to keep track of your APICS certification maintenance activities. Once you earn your APICS certification, most operations management-related activities will help you earn points toward maintaining that certification.

APICS CPIM and APICS CSCP designees must earn a total of 75 professional development points within five years of receiving their designation. APICS CFPIM designees must earn a total of 100 professional development points in the same span of time.

Activities that help you earn APICS Certification Maintenance Points

* APICS Membership (6 points per year)
* APICS CSCP Learning System (30 points for earning a certificate of completion-if you do not already have your APICS CSCP designation)
* APICS Conference & Exposition (24 points for full conference registration and attendance)
* APICS Webinars (1 point per instructional hour)
* APICS CPIM and CIRM Exams (10 points earned for each exam passed)
* APICS CSCP Exam (20 points earned for passing the exam)
* Other operations management-related activities (1 point per instructional hour)

APICS Certification Maintenance Program Bulletins

While the program is simple, it is essential for you to have all of the details at your fingertips to ensure you are able to maintain your APICS certification with ease. Below are the APICS CPIM/APICS CFPIM and APICS CSCP maintenance bulletins. Please take a moment to download the appropriate bulletin for you.

Maintaining the CPIM and CFPIM designations
Maintaining the CSCP designation

Other helpful downloads-You will have to submit the Certification Maintenance Application and the Professional Development Journal, which are also included in your APICS certification maintenance bulletin, and processing fee within five years of receiving your APICS certification.

APICS Certification Maintenance Guidelines

You have worked hard to achieve certification. Keeping your certification up-to-date and active shows your dedication to your career in operations and supply chain management and helps boost your standing within your organization and the industry.

Maintaining your certification is easy, and you can submit your maintenance application at any point in the maintenance cycle:

  • Log in to your APICS account
  • Access the online maintenance application
  • Choose the designation you need to maintain
  • Fill in the number of points you have earned in each category
  • Pay the fee and submit the application


APICS certification maintenance requirements

  APICS CPIM program  APICS CSCP program  APICS CFPIM program
Must earn a total of 75 professional development points every five years  YES  YES  
Must earn a total of 100 professional development points every five years     YES 
If you do not maintain your certification within five years, your credentials are suspended. YES YES YES 
With each additional year your certification is suspended, you are required to submit more professional development points to reinstate your certification. YES
(15 additional points per year required) 
(15 additional points per year required) 
(20 additional points per year required) 
 If you do not maintain certification within five years of suspension, your certification is terminated, and you will be required to retake your exam(s).  YES YES  YES 
 Click here for the online maintenance application


View the Frequently Asked Questions page for more detailed information about Certification Maintenance or send an email to [email protected]