Our Past Presidents and Chapter Awards

2014 Marco Guerrero, LSGGB, CPIM, CSCP, PMP, ACPF Platinum
2013 Marco Guerrero, LSSGB, CPIM, CSCP, PMP, ACPF Platinum
2012 Jill O'Sullivan Platinum
2011 Jill O'Sullivan  Platinum
2010 Richard Johanson CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP Platinum
2009 Richard Johanson CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP Platinum
2008 John Boyko Platinum
2007 John Boyko Platinum
2006 John Boyko Platinum
2005 Dan Marrone, Ph.D., CFPIM, CIRM Platinum
2004 Dennis Goldensohn Platinum
2003 Dennis Goldensohn Gold
2002 Dennis Goldensohn Gold
2001 Robert Carey, CPIM Gold
2000 Robert Carey, CPIM Gold
1999 Mark Meisels, CPIM  
1998 Mark Meisels, CPIM Platinum
1997 Stan Stone, CFPIM Platinum
1996 David O. Campbell, Jr. Platinum
1995 David O. Campbell, Jr. Gold
1994 Joe Gillin, CPIM Gold
1993 Al Lovett Gold
1992 Al Lovett Gold
1991 Peter Prommersberger, CPIM  
1990 Les Chapman, CPIM  
1989 Donna Lamontagne  
1988 Marie Coleman  
1987 Mike Walsh  
1986 Marie Coleman Gold
1985 Diane Beni, CPIM Gold
1984 Ken Henderson Gold
1983 Ron Bottichio Silver
1982 Vito Colletti Silver
1981 Donna Lamontagne  
1980 Bob Galasso  
1979 Sid Meistrich  
1978 Jim Terry  
1977 Bob Kattke,CPIM  
1976 Lou Gerlach  
1975 Bill Fuger  
1974 Mark Birnbaum  
1973 Bill Shtypowany  
1972 Norm Heilweil,CPIM  
1971 Ed Kress  
1970 John Rowane  
1969 Burt Barr  
1968 Vince Malori  
1967 George Petchock  
1966 Pat Brassil  
1965 Harry Ruland  
1964 Ferenc Payerle  
1963 Tom Lynsky  
1962 Jack Williams  
1961 Jack Williams  

About Chapter Awards

The most rewarding outcome an organization can obtain is being judged by your peers and being awarded high marks and honors on how you perform as an APICS chapter.  Each year, the APICS Long Island Chapter submits an Awards Book to our Region's officers and they are in charge in reviewing this metric to see how we, as an APICS chapter, manage the business of APICS at the local level.  We are required to meet certain criteria.  As a result, we have been awarded the "Platinum" award for the past several years.  This is the highest award that a chapter can obtain!  With that said, we are committed in continuing in this tradition and pursuing the "Best of Practices!"