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CPIM Open Classes

August 11, 2020
5:00 PM EDT to 8:00 PM EDT
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APICS Certified Production and Inventory Management (CPIM): Basics of Supply Chain Management Review Course

The APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) program provides you with the ability to understand and evaluate production and inventory activities within a company's global operations.

The APICS CPIM program benefits designees worldwide

  • APICS CPIM is preferred by thousands of employers worldwide.
  • More than 100,000 professionals since 1973 have earned the APICS CPIM designation.
  • APICS CPIM helps you master essential terminology, concepts, and strategies related to
    • demand management
    • procurement management
    • supplier planning
    • material requirements planning
    • capacity planning
    • sales and operations planning
    • master scheduling
    • performance measurements
    • supplier relationships
    • quality control
    • continuous improvement.

Why should you earn an APICS CPIM designation?

APICS CPIM education is essential if you are involved in:

  • Production and inventory management
  • Operations
  • Supply chain management
  • Procurement
  • Materials management
  • Purchasing

An APICS CPIM designation will help you:

  • increase your functional knowledge of production and inventory management
  • maximize ROI on the systems and technologies within your organization
  • master the tools you need to effectively manage global supply chain activities
  • gain knowledge to apply principles ERP software to cover various critical functions within your organization
  • earn customer satisfaction by delivering Lean/Just-in-Time products and services
  • enhance your credibility within your organization
  • create consistency and foster collaboration through best practices, common terminology, and corporate-wide communication.


To achieve certification, you must pass all of the following exams:: Module 1 and Module 2

This is a Review Course for Module 1 - The Basics of Supply Chain Management

The basic concepts in managing the complete flow of materials in a supply chain from suppliers to customers are covered in the Basics module. This module covers manufacturing, distribution, service, and retail industries. This includes the fundamental relationships in the design, planning, execution, monitoring, and control that occur. Knowledge of the material in this module is assumed as a prerequisite for the other APICS CPIM modules, which cover similar topics in much greater depth.

Topics include:

  • Understanding basic businesswide concepts, including understanding various supply chain environments
  • Managing demand, including markets and customer expectations
  • Designing products, processes, and information systems
  • Understanding supply issues including inventory costs, functions, and metrics


This is a 30 hour course and will be taught every Tuesday, beginning August 4th from 5 PM to 8 PM for 10 weeks, and adjusted for holidays. The course may be canceled if we do not have the minimum number of students.

Course fee includes instructor-facilitated classes and a Participant Guide book. SavingsGet APICS membership for $200 per year and save on the course fee. Provide an appropriate facility to hold this course and get one registration free and we will be also able to reduce the minimum number of students needed to teach this course.

A late fee of $25 to expedite delivery of Participant Guide will be added to the registration fee if registration is made after two weeks prior to the first day of class. Registration closes two days prior to the first day of class.

Learn more about the APICS CPIM program.

For additional information or questions, contact us at [email protected]



$975.00 APICS Member
$1,000.00 after 12:00 am August 5

$1,075.00 Non-Member
$1,100.00 after 12:00 am August 5

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August 11, 2020
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