June 2017  

Letter from the President

Friends and colleagues,

We're at the midpoint of 2017 and our chapter is off to a great start. APICS NYC-LI is as energized as ever and I'm glad you are a part of it. As we transition to Summer, I hope you find rest and relaxation this season.

To help chapter members navigate their career, we began offering new certification courses locally for Certification in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution (CLTD). I'm very proud of our inaugural CLTD class who is wrapping up their course this summer. I wish them the best of luck on their certification testing. Of course we will also continue to offer CSCP and CPIM courses.

It's with great pleasure that I announce our Chapter's recognition of Norm Heilwell as our first-ever Board Emeritus:

Norm Heilwell: Since 1983, Norm has helped many manufacturing companies improve their productivity. This has been done not only through the system improvements of the manufacturing flow, but also by working with individuals and small groups to implement a positive change. He has more than 25 years of varied manufacturing experience with both small and large firms. His areas of expertise are in the business application of manual and computerized systems.

But more importantly, Norm is a dear friend and an invaluable asset to the APICS NYC-LI Chapter. He has given selflessly for decades, helping countless members along the way. This recognition is our humble way of thanking Norm for many valuable years of service.

We continue to offer frequent professional development meetings with industry experts on exciting topics with very pratical, real-world application. Our most recent event introduced us to a cutting edge innovation in supply chain security by tagging materials with DNA. Intrigued? You'll have to watch our latest Ops Talk web video to learn more. View photos from the event here. Other topics covered since our "Women in Manufacturing" Gala include: supply chain sustainability, risk management, finance/credit/lending, and public policy.

Thank you for turning out in record numbers at our recent Professional Development Meetings (PDMs) and new course enrollments. Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities in the months ahead. 

Last week we inducted our Board of Directors for the 2017-2018 year. I thank them personally for the dedidaction and selflessness to the growth of our chapter and the prosperity of our members.

Thank you to our student chapters, many of whom are brand new this year, for continuing to bring fresh talent into our profession. I hope you enjoy a well deserved summer break. All student chapters in our region are growing and new chapters continue to launch.

Speaking of students, our scholarship program attracted much attention and we are now evaluating submissions in our scholarship sub-committee. We'll award the scholarship in the Fall and I wish all applicants the best of luck.

As one last note, please mark your calendars for our Annual Gala on November 8th this year. Each Gala is a spectale of an event so if you've never attended one before I highly encourage you to join us.

We're encouraged to see such a surge in involvement and interest in APICS courses, meetings, and networking in our NYC-Long Island Chapter. If you'd like to become even more involved, such as volunteering, teaching, or serving on a Board position, please contact [email protected]

We hope to see you at our next event.


Sudhir Sachdev, Chapter President


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Welcome New Members

Welcome new members! The following persons joined APICS NYC-LI since April 1, 2017: 

Elizabeth Maxwell, Franklin Hurtado, Ansar Kareem, Douglas Hascoe, Thomas Regolino, shaneeza singh, Wei-cheng Yu, Farrah Salim, Patricia Malone, Mildred McEnroy, Mariana Del Rio, Eren Ozekici, Yuan Chen, Caroline Giraldo, Olga Buenaventura, Robert St Juste, Zoey Wade, Cong Xie, Scott Devine, Zakia Farhana, Joseph DeQuatro, Kit Ng-Yeung, Ian Ricketts, Miguel Aguirre-Amaya, Nicolas Dopico, Tatiana Rosamilia, Gina Shaffer, Joseph Pawluk, Howard Coke, Rajan John, Susan Zzizi, Terriq Davidson, Rachel LoSardo

We're glad that you joined the family and we look forward to assisting with your professional growth.


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"OPS Talk" Series

Like the popular "TED Talks" ? Try our Ops Talk series!

You'll be amazed at this latest innovation led by a local Long Island company. Remember when RFIDs were the future of supply chain visbility? How about spraying or coating raw materials in unique DNA as far upstream in the supply chain as possible, then performing testing later downstream to verify. Includes practical application in pharmaceuticals, textiles, aerospace and defense components, and more.

Intrigued? Hear from Judy Murrah, the CIO at Applied DNA Sciences in our latest PDM.

Securing Global Supply Chains Through Forensic DNA TAGGANTS & IT


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APICS Webinars

As a member you have access to APICS Webinars. The following will be presented soon, but you can always view the Webinar Archive here.


>> View the full upcoming Webinar list here.

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Career Opportunities

Further your career through APICS NYC-LI. The latest classified postings are here on our website. 

Are you a chapter member and need help recruiting a candidate from within the Chapter? Contact [email protected] to post your own Classified listing.

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Ways to Maximize Your Membership

Not an APICS member? Now there are 2 ways to join: CORE or PLUS. Join here.

Ways to maximize your membership:

NEW Mentor Center!

Find a professional mentor, or become a mentor, through the APICS online mentor center. This tool helps establish mentor relationships and fosters personal and professional growth and development.

APICS magazine is digital!

Now you can easily access your favorite APICS magazine articles at

Updated Supply Chain Channel!

Connect with like-minded supply chain professionals with our improved members-only, online community. Connect, engage and share ideas with APICS members throughout the world.

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Member Success Story

On the fence about membership? Or whether to enroll your team in APICS courses? Hear directly from this member's success story!


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